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Date: 9th May 2016
High Power LiFePO4 Pouch Battery Cell
Product name : High Power LiFePO4 Pouch battery cell 35Ah?ItemSpecificationsNominal Capacity35AhNominal Voltage3.2VCharge TypeCC/CVCharge Cut-off Voltage3.65VDischarge Cut-off Voltage2.5VTypical Charge current?10AContinuous Discharge current70APulse Discharge Current (3Seconds)175ABattery Weight?0.75KgsInternal Resistance<2m? ?Dimensions(T?W?H?12*140*239mmBattery Cycle Life2500times (80%DOD)Working temperatureCharge0?45?Discharge-20?65?Storage temperature-20?60?Atmospheric pressure86?106KPaRelative humidity25%?80%1. The LiFePO4 Batteries have Long cycle life. No memory effect. More than 2000times cycle life.?This is 3times more than Lead Acid Battery and Ni-CD or Nickel Hydride Battery.2. High C-Rate discharge / charge capability.?3. High peak power available under high depth of discharge.4. High energy density,Website:http://www.ener-byte.com, small size and light weight. ?Much lighter weight than Lead Acid batteries, VRLA Battery, GEL Battery, OpZs and OPZV Batteires.5. Good performance at high & low temperatures. The LiFePO4 battery can work from temperature range -20 Celsius degrees to +60Celsius degrees. Much better than Lead Acid batteries and VRLA batteries.?6. 100% safe / environmental friendly / maintenance free. LiFePO4 battery does not contain lead and any other heavy metal and toxic materials. It is environmental-friendly in use and disposal.7. Intrinsically safe. ?The Battery does not explode when puncture and LiFePO4 material performance is stable in use.?